Snake on a Geode

Jacie dannhardt test 1 back

Full Render

Jacie dannhardt ao fixed

Clay render

Jacie dannhardt instragram3

Pretty happy with the eyes!

Jacie dannhardt unknown

Final business card design

Snake on a Geode

This snake was based heavily on the scale patterns and shapes of a North American Cottonmouth, with his pattern loosely referenced from a Copperhead. My social media has been "snakesphere" for a long time, referring to my ball python, Chester, and so when it came to making a business card, this was my first attempt. Although the idea isn't the strongest, I'm not displeased with the implementation. I wanted to make something that was delicate, detailed, and strong. If I hadn't deleted the texture maps accidentally, I'd go back in and re-render with less vibrancy. Moving forward, I hope to make this image fit better with my brand and style.